GNP Property Solutions LLC
Specializing in providing solutions for troubled properties by offering resources and guidance to homeowners in default.
About Us

As a provider of solutions for troubled properties, we take pride in offering the best resources and guidance to homeowners who need a trustworthy resource that they can come to rely on for all their needs to help them make informed decisions by guiding them through the default process.

At GNP Property Solutions LLC, we are dedicated to serving the needs of homeowners each and every day. 

On a personal note, I have been involved with foreclosures for over 10 years and in the Electronics Industry as a Sales Representative, Account Management and Business Develoment for over 30 years. 

It's from my experience in working with homeowners that I have learned they need to have a trustworthy and reliable resource they can count on that have the their best interest at heart. To show compassion and offer hope in their time of need to help them understand and sort out their options to give them guidance and assistance throughout the process.

My compassion and desire to help homeowners who are in default comes from overcoming my own challenges. I know first hand what it all feels like, the confusion, the embarrassment, the urgency, decisions, groping for direction, all the stress it entails by being bombarded in the mail so many options where do you turn? Who can you trust? Who has your best interest at heart? 

GNP Property Solutions LLC has your best interest at heart.